City of Mary

16:22 mmxi MontréaL

This is our story

It is told as we see it, through our own eyes.
We are inspired by life, and how it manifests itself around us each and every day.

Our goal is not to change your view, but rather to bring a new perspective
to the way you see the things that surround you every day.

Everyone in the world is surrounded by a different canvas.
And there is beauty in all of it, sometimes unknown or unseen.
Through our travels, we capture this beauty and present it to you through our craft.

Our creations are dedicated to you and the world that lives around you.
They are crafted with dedication, precision, and a wholesome respect for life
and the beauty it brings to all of us.

We are happy to share our story with you, through the eyes of City Of Mary.

City Of Mary – Ville Marie – Montreal – 1 514-690-2588
4020, rue St-Ambroise, #498 – Montreal (Québec) H4C 2C7

Point of view